Adjuncts and Contingents Together


Dear Fellow SU Students,

This February 25, at Noon, many of the faculty members at Seattle University have decided that they will be walking out of their classrooms. Professors from around the country will be joining together in solidarity on National Adjunct Walkout Day. There are surely many reasons to walk. For myself, I am walking because I believe that Seattle University’s mission is dedicated to the types of transformations that our professors are demanding, even if the administration is not living up to them.

Currently, universities and colleges across the country are becoming more and more dependent on temporary, short-term, part-time, “contingent” instructors to teach a vast number of courses to undergraduates. This trend is justified by corporatized university administrations, citing budget concerns and lowering costs, despite the fact that tuition continues to rise and money is spent on non-essential marketing projects like re-branding. Simultaneously, many of the professors who work part-time at this university and others are reduced to near-poverty, with no chance to improve their situation through negotiation or advocacy. Our faculty at this school is 56% contingent, course offerings and jobs are being lost to budget cuts, and our tuition has risen 5% since the last year.

Contingent faculty members have been working hard for the past few years to develop a strategy for making their concerns, and our concerns, known. All attempts thus far have been ignored, and unionization has been actively contested by the university administration. The legal process, although drawn-out by the administration’s efforts, has resulted in a favorable decision for our faculty. That being said, this same administration appears committed to blocking efforts to change the status quo at any level.

Even with this opposition, we know we can win.

Please join these courageous members of our university community who risk their jobs and reputations in order to work for a better future at SU. Consider this letter an invitation to all students to join our adjuncts on February 25 at noon, in solidarity with faculty and students across the nation who are seeking a change in this system. Stand with us on National Adjunct Walkout Day, and let’s teach our administrators something about the kind of university that we are. This is what social justice looks like: you won’t see it on a brochure.

I’m standing up for what is right and will be participating in National Adjunct Walk Out Day:

Abbey Alston

Janzen Aguilar-Nelson

Koby Andrews-Howards

Emily August

Lesly Avila

Akaila Ballard

Dakota Barnes

Laurel Beady

Madison Bible

Lana Blinderman

Marta Borkova

Nancy Brasseale

Larisa Brown

Katherine Buhl

Madison Bumb

Sarah Burke

Michelle Cahill

Ian Carrick

Cyndi Carter

Jose Chalit

Dahae Cheong

Vincent Chien

Charlie Chittenden

Allison Clabaugh

Ian Clare

Koji Clark

Tom Clark

Rebecca Clark-Hargraves

Megan Conville

Kraig Cook

Madeline Corbin

Ashton Corson

Jason Craig

Nicolás Cruz

Aram Dagavarian

Kasey Deems

Gabriela D’Elia

Laura Delgado

Audrey Devine-Eller

Alexa DeYoung

Kennedy Diaz

Veronica Eldredge

Theresa Endoso

Olivia Engle

Xinhua Eynon

Rev. Shelly Fayette

Annaliese Fernandez

Sierra Fitch

Ames Fowler

Kaitlin Furlan

Heidi Franz

MacKenzie Gaddy

Calvin Garrett

Michelle Garcia

Chinna Garza

Lauren Gauksheim

Paul Gelbach

Ryan Gelskey

Dylan Gnatz

Dean Goddard

Grace Goodwin

Andy Gorvetzian

Marissa Gutierrez

Iris Guzman

Grant Hanner

Christina Harrington

Savannah Hartman

Emily Haver

Galvin Healy

Tyler Hill

Koby Howards

Alex Hughes

Palmyra Jackson

Larry Johnson

Michael Keenen

Brendan Kehoe

Meghan Kennedy

Hannah Kirschman

Aaron Klouzal

Mary Eileen Langsdorf

Charlie Lentz

Benjamin Levy-Wendt

Jasmine Magana

Alexandra Maher

Joanna Makins

Christina Mandel

Barbara Martin

Emma McAleavy

Theodore McKnight

Anna McLean

Lily McLeod

Riddhi Mehta-Neugebauer

Lorena Mendoza-Flores

Janine Mercade

Kelly Mercade

Andrew Milne

Hannah Mittelstaedt

Tj Montoya

Megan Moran

Kristen Morgan

Evan Morier

Alex Motsch

Karelynn Mulrooney

Ben Murane

Emerson Murray

Kay Nguyen

Emerald Niakan

Avery Osajima

Greg Osberg

Helen Packer

Rukhsar Palla

Devika Parmar

Katharine Patterson

Elise Pavicic

Bjorn Payne

Claire Penney

Morgan Peters

Emily Peterson

Delaney Piper

Alicia Price

Annette Ray

Mackenzie Reynolds

Rachel Ricci

Becca Richards

Catherine Riviello

Kimberly Rixon

Amanda Rodgers

Juani Rosales

Jeri Rosenthal

Ashlan Runyan

Karling Rutenbeck

Leela Sabaratnam

Yian Saechao

Kaitlin Sager

Rebecca Saldana

Aitana Sandoval

Brigid Scannell

Ryan Schlottman

Rebecca Schumacher

Melissa Schade

Emma Scott

Manuel Siguenza

Jacqueline Shrader

Mara Silvers

Stephen Singleton

Gabrielle Sigrist

Ryan Sharon

Alex Shimmin

Olivia Smith

Caley Soury

Brendan Spohn

Max Snyder

David Strand

Alison Staudinger

Josh Sturman

Fallon Sullivan

Marisa Swank

Theresa Taing

Grace Taylor

Paul Thomas

Allison Thompson

Erik Thorne

Amy Tower

Nu-Anh Tran

Joshua Treybig

Aaron Truel

Hannah Truscott

Jeanette Veith

Daniel Vogt

Amanda Waite

Jerome Wald

Emily Walter

Rowan Walton

Mallory Ward

Killian Watson

Iree Wheeler

Rachel Whitcomb

Sam Wolfe

Quinn Yackulic

Adam Ziemkowski