Adjuncts and Contingents Together

Add your support by signing this new public letter addressed to our non-tenure track colleagues and which highlights the next steps in building our union.

Dear Colleague,

We have reached a crucial stage in our organizing efforts at Seattle University. Since we first began organizing on campus in the fall of 2013, we have made enormous progress. This progress is now under threat from the administration’s efforts to undermine and block our election votes.

Together, we have built support across campus, found allies among faculty colleagues, students, and alumni, and raised our issues to the university’s administration in numerous forums. We successfully fought back against the administration’s legal efforts to block our union and won a favorable ruling from the regional NLRB. This decision allowed our election to go forward, but the administration immediately appealed this ruling to the national NLRB.

SU is standing in the way of our democratic process, using whatever means they can to fight against our union. Although the ballots have been impounded until the appeal is either dropped or decided in court, the amazing show of support during the get-out-the-vote campaign give us great confidence that WE WON! When the votes are counted we will have the numbers necessary to move to the next step: bargaining our first contract with SU.

What comes next is up to us. We could play a legal waiting game as the appeal makes its way through the courts. This path carries the risk of losing momentum, and losing our voice. Alternatively, we could increase our collective demand for change and continue to raise important issues with the administration and our colleagues. We have seen that there are many issues that unite us all: a desire for greater transparency, more resources to support our students, and more substantive faculty input in university governance. If we sit and wait, these issues will also wait. If we decide to act, we can make real progress towards the changes we want.

To help us decide what issues we will focus on moving forward, please complete an Issues Survey at

Please help us raise standards at Seattle University by joining us in this national movement and share your support by signing this public letter addressed to our colleagues:

To find out more about the growing national movement, visit our website at


Robert Aguirre, Lecturer, English

Dominic CodyKramers, Instructor, Fine Arts

Larry Cushnie, Adjunct Faculty, Political Science

Andy Demetre, Adjunct Faculty, Mathematics

Louisa Edgerly, Instructor, Communications and Journalism

Daniele De Santis, Instructor, Philosophy

Jon Gould, Adjunct Professor, Institute of Public Service

Bryn Gribben, Instructor, English

Geoffrey Grosshans, Lecturer, English

Anne Hepfer, Instructor, Culture & Language Bridge Program

Valerie Hunt, Adjunct Faculty, Applied Behavioral Science

William Kangas, Senior Core Lecturer, History

Kevin Krentz, Adjunct Cello Professor, Music

Claire LeBeau, Adjunct Faculty, Matteo Ricci

Richard McGaha, Adjunct Faculty, History

Michael Ng, Adjunct Faculty, History

Daniel Peterson, Instructor, Matteo Ricci

Kylene Quinn, Adjunct Faculty, Marketing

Terry Read, Instructor, Diagnostic Ultrasound

Byron Schenkman, Adjunct Faculty, Music

Elizabeth Sikes, Adjunct Faculty, Environmental Studies/Philosophy

Wilson Reed, Assistant Professor, Matteo Ricci

Aaron Thornburg, Adjunct Faculty, Management

Katherine Wisniewski, Adjunct Faculty, Performing Arts and Arts Leadership